April 12, 2023
Heather Cole-Lewis

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In the latest episode of the Behavioral Design Podcast, we are thrilled to have Heather Cole-Lewis, a renowned Behavioral Epidemiologist and Health Equity Clinical Scientist at Google. Heather is best known for her groundbreaking Big E, little e framework in the realm of digital health interventions.

Join us as we dive into an engaging discussion with Heather about the intricacies of engagement in digital health interventions, including a deep dive into her Big E, little e model. Heather shares her unique insights on redesigning a product we all use on a daily basis, demonstrating a targeted approach that considers factors such as a person's background, goals, and specific context.

We also explore the challenges of addressing health disparities and the importance of a more equitable approach to intervention development. Finally, Heather enlightens us on the significance of making a strong business case for behavioral science. This episode promises to be a captivating listen for anyone interested in digital health, behavioral science, and creating equitable solutions.

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