Season 1 Finale!

July 12, 2021
Samuel & Aline

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We've reached the end of season 1 - yay! 🎉 In this finale, we sit down and nerd out about all things behavioral as Aline is welcomed back from her baby cave. We explore the growing landscape of behavioral associations, the recent attempts to incentivize vaccine uptake, we languish on languishing, talk faulty risk perceptions, and, our course, complete a final round of overrated vs. underrated. Relevant linksRecently launched behavioral associations and groups (and their abbreviations): GAABS - The Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists ABSA - Applied Behavioral Science Association UNBSG - UN Behavioural Science Group IBPPA - International Behavioural Public Policy AssociationVaccination uptakeLottery-Based Incentive in Ohio and COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Going local with the COVID-19 vaccineFlourishing & languishingThere’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing The Other Side of Languishing Is Flourishing. Here’s How to Get There Dan Ariely on wineSupport the podcast by joining Habit Weekly Pro 🚀The song used is Murgatroyd by David Pizzaro.

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