The Behavioral Science of Policy and Organizations

March 24, 2021
Nina Mažar

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This episode features an insightful conversation with the fantastic Nina Mažar. Nina has been part of founding BEworks, BEAR (Behavioral Economics in Action at Rotman center), and the World Banks' behavioral science team. She is currently professor of marketing and co-director of the Susilo Institute for Ethics in the Global Economy at Boston University. We cover several interesting topics, including how Nina got started in the field, three pieces of advice for starting a behavioral science unit, nudging for diversity and honesty, plus what to get next time you're ordering Balkan food. Enjoy!Links:- Nina's website, LinkedIn and Twitter- Nina's TEDx talk on honesty and intentions- Habit Weekly Pro 🚀Timestamps00:23: Episode overview01:41: Interview begins02:02: Nina details her background in behavioral science04:29: How Nina’s work in both industry and academia shaped her view on behavioral science research08:49: Nina discusses setting up the World Bank’s behavioral science unit11:59: Nina’s advice on setting up a behavioral science team in an organisation- Get shared buy-in within the organisation- Data collection capacities and well-functioning internal systems- Have a legal team on board17:01: Reflecting on studies on dishonesty and nudging people via signature at the top22:04: Why is the “bad apple” narrative so persistent?24:16: How can behavioral science help counter discrimination and racism?28:22: Countering gender bias in news reporting in Sweden via transparency32:42: Underrated vs Overrated- Revealed preferences- Rationalisation- Replication studies- Crotian cuisine- Bosnian cuisine- Place’s Nina has lived- Origami39:02: How Nina applies behavioral science in her own life41:03: Concluding remarks–––––Timestamps & shownotes compiled by Keith Broni 🏆The song used is Murgatroyd by David Pizzaro.–––––

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