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Online Course

Motivation & Reward Loops Masterclass

Learn the proven motivation & reward loop playbooks from some of the world’s top behavior designers, so you can create more impact with less effort.

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Online Course

Motivation & Reward Loops Masterclass — by Behavior Institute

A step-by-step framework to designing behavioral interventions that work. This online course allows behavioral science enthusiasts to take the next step and try out nudging in their environment!

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Online Certification

Habit Coach Pro Certification

Join coaches around the world dedicated to leveling up their coaching business through effective tools and insights from psychology and behavioral science.

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Online Course

Irrational Labs Bootcamp

This is a self-directed, online course, jam-packed with engaging content and real-world examples. Learn the popular 3B model, the full Behavioral Design process used by Intuit, Microsoft, Indeed, LinkedIn and more!

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