Leidy Klotz

Professor & Author
University of Virginia

The Untapped Science of Less

We pile on “to-dos” but don’t consider “stop-doings”. We create incentives for good behavior, but don’t get rid of obstacles to it. We collect new-and-improved ideas, but don’t prune the outdated ones. We neglect a basic way to make things better: We don’t subtract. This talk shows us how to find more of the options we’ve been missing - and empowers us to pursue them.


Leidy Klotz is the author of Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less. His research on the science of problem-solving has appeared in both Nature and Science and has been covered in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post among national newspapers on five continents. A professor at the University of Virginia, Leidy has authored more than 80 original research articles and writes on applications of his research for design, art, parenting, personal finance, climate change and many other fields.

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