Scott Young

Senior Vice President
BVA Group

Better Decision Making at Work: 5 Core Heuristics (& How to Manage Them)

In this session, I’ll briefly discuss and illustrate several common biases that can negatively affect the quality of both individual and group decision making.  I’ll then share practical strategies for mitigating and overcoming them on both a personal and an organisation level.


Scott Young is Senior Vice President of the BVA Nudge Unit, a consultancy focused on helping organisations to learn, apply and instil Behavioral Science.  He joined BVA after 20 years leading PRS (Perception Research Services) and later PRS IN VIVO, a global shopper insights agency.  Scott is the author of three books – including the recently released Applying & Infusing Behavioral Science: A Guide for BeSci Champions – and a Senior Visiting Fellow at The London School of Economics (LSE).   He is passionate about finding “win-win-win” opportunities (that benefit companies, consumers and society) – and in applying Behavioral Science to help people make better decisions and adopt healthier, more sustainable habits. Scott and his family live in New York, where he can often be found walking Bru, his huge Bernese Mountain dog.

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